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About Our Instructors

Here to help you achieve your goals

An experienced team offering a variety of skills

Zest Ladies Health and Fitness Club is more than just a gym.  We specialise in personal/group training for all of our members.

There is a real sense of community with our club and members work together to help each other.  Hourly sessions can be booked during opening hours.  

Any new member will always be made to feel welcome from the Trainers and other members; of course we try and motivate you to work hard and keep your weight under control or help you lose weight if you want to, but we are more than that.  Exercise needs to be art of your weekly routine and we try to encourage you to come and work with us every week (2 or 3 times) and make exercise an essential part of your life.

We all know what to do; eat healthily and work out and you will reach your desired weight.  We can help - we never give up on our members.

Be part of our success - call in or phone for an Induction and chat - completely free of charge.  Joining offers often available so come and see what makes us More than just a gym

 Opening Times




Wednesday *

Thursday *

Friday *    


8am - 2pm   / 4pm - 7pm

8am - 12pm / 4pm - 8pm

8am - 2pm   / 4pm - 8pm

8am - 1pm   / 4pm - 8pm

8am - 12pm / 4pm - 7pm

8am - 1pm

Sunday - Closed








Wed  -  Intermediate Pilates  10am - 11am

           Intermediate Pilates   7pm - 8am

Thurs - Pilates stretch          12pm - 1pm

Fri     - Pilates stretch          9am   - 10am

7pm - 8pm - Boxercise

10am - 11am - Pilates

7pm - 8pm - Pilates

6pm - 8pm - Boxercise

4pm - 7pm - Martial Arts                        Boxing