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Full membership £34 per month for 3 group sessions each week.

Student Memerships

We believe that young girls these days have really poor self esteem yet are encouraged by their peers to eat junk and told that exercise is not cool.  We have an obesity timebomb on our hands.

Get the young girls in your family to take up a Zest Student Membership.

Only £25 per month and they can use the gym machines when they want and even join in our group training sessions.

They receive positive reinforcement about healthy lifestyle choices and help with losing weight if they ask.  For a young girl to be in control of their metabolism is a gift - controlling their weight will improve self esteem and ensure they stay fit and healthy.

We also offer weekly memberships and pay as you go rates.

We offer shower facility and a separate changing room.

Personal Training Group Exercise pilates Therapy space

In addition to the above, we also offer Pre and Post Natal exercise and advice on Weight Management.  More information get in touch  More »

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